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It never ceases to fascinate me.

It can be inches or miles deep. It is necessary to sustain life but it can also take it.

Tonight I sat on a floating dock on the lake near my house. I just feel so close to God when I’m near water. The way it reflects moonlight, shadows, and the city lights. They way it sounds as it gently laps over the smooth rocks that were once jagged. The way the breeze smells… It’s almost like you can feel yourself breathing in his creation. The constellations can’t help but reflect his power. I sat there on the dock just completely in awe that the creator of all of this wants an intimate relationship with me. Nothing else mattered in that moment. I was right where I needed to be.

God is alive! It’s wonderful to take a few minutes and soak in his creation… Even if it’s as simple as sitting on a dock.

You’re like poison. I can’t seem to get you out of my head. It’s been… almost 4 years now. What the hell? How did it go by that fast? Why does it seem like everything was yesterday? Time is both my friend and enemy.

Whenever I look at the stars I think of you every time. It might be childish and seems stupid but I remember that was something we always did together. I wish you could see the stars here in Colorado. They would blow your mind. 

Why the hell do I miss you? You’re probably the worst person on the planet but I still can’t you out of my head. Your blue eyes, your hair, your smile, laugh, and lips. Maybe it’s because I’ve been working so much lately and my guard is down.

I wonder how often you think of me and when you do, if your heart skips a beat. I bumped into by happenstance you probably wouldn’t even know who I am but if I whispered your name, I bet there’d still be a spark

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