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In just my 2 short days here, I can see how much this month is going to mold me.

The culture shock is a lot more than I anticipated. The lifestyle is so different than I imagined. 

Dogs being slaughtered in the streets for food, kids walking around without clothes, people drinking from ditch water…. It’s wild. The typhoon took over 10,000 lives. The death toll is still rising over a year later. On the way back from the airport we passes hundred of graves on the side of the road. I could have stuck my hand out the car window and touched them. Most of them didn’t even have names because of the amount of people that died. 

When I left Colorado and I felt the plane wheels leave the ground, I was excited about adventure and the unknown. Don’t get me wrong, I still am. But I can tell this is going to a different adventure than what I first thought. 

It’s already bringing out my flaws. My attitude towards just about everything. I was trying to secure my housing for the winter before I left Colorado since I am moving to Vail. I found a place but it wasn’t “ideal”. It’s small, I share the apartment with another guy, and my bedroom is that of a glorified closet. But I came here to see the living situations of the people… An entire family would consider my little bedroom a fortress for all of them. People are living in boxes here, pieces of ruined metal tied together. And the funny thing is, they’re all so joyful and smiling.

Us (me included), are oblivious to the poverty and devestation of the majority of the world. 

My parents are doing a wonderful thing here. All of the Samaritans Purse team are working so diligently to help such a hurting city. I met an intern yesterday from Ohio, never been abroad before. She was knee deep in sewage, trash, and gosh knows what else. One of SP’s main focuses is to get people toilets here so they’re installing sewage tanks which requires a lot of digging…. by hand. But this girl, Christy, I think her name was… swinging a pickax in knee deep sewage… with a smile. The selflessness of the staff here is mind blowing. 

My heart hurts for the people here. For the majority of the world who doesn’t have the pleasures that most Americans have. 

I am thankful I get to spend a month here and get to experience more of this “awareness”. God is good. He is alive here… more than I’ve ever experienced. 


It never ceases to fascinate me.

It can be inches or miles deep. It is necessary to sustain life but it can also take it.

Tonight I sat on a floating dock on the lake near my house. I just feel so close to God when I’m near water. The way it reflects moonlight, shadows, and the city lights. They way it sounds as it gently laps over the smooth rocks that were once jagged. The way the breeze smells… It’s almost like you can feel yourself breathing in his creation. The constellations can’t help but reflect his power. I sat there on the dock just completely in awe that the creator of all of this wants an intimate relationship with me. Nothing else mattered in that moment. I was right where I needed to be.

God is alive! It’s wonderful to take a few minutes and soak in his creation… Even if it’s as simple as sitting on a dock.

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